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10 Habits of Successful Women Before Nine A.M.

10 Habits of Successful Women Before Nine A.M.

If you’re someone deeply involved in wellness or the corporate world, you’re likely well-acquainted with the concept of morning routines. Your social media feeds are filled with “Get Ready With Me for My 9-5” videos or the “My 5-9 Before My 9-5” trends. Personally, I adore these videos because they’re aesthetically pleasing and inspire me to enhance my morning routine for a more productive and fulfilling day.

However, at times, I wish I could have a breakdown of the different elements to select what aligns best with my needs.

After immersing myself in countless podcasts, blogs, and morning routine videos, I’ve compiled the various components of a successful woman’s morning routine to help you create one that suits you perfectly.

Let’s explore the ten things that successful women do before 9 am:

Preparation the Night Before:

Successful women understand that the less they have to decide in the morning, the smoother their day goes. This means setting out your clothes, preparing gym attire if you work out, and getting your water bottle ready. Review your calendar to anticipate what’s ahead, giving you more control over your morning routine.

No Time Wasted:

Successful women bid farewell to the snooze button. They recognize that hitting snooze only makes them groggier and less productive. Placing the alarm away from the bed or using an alarm clock that forces them to leave the bed helps them start their morning on the right note.


Drinking a glass of water upon waking up is crucial to rehydrate after a night’s sleep. It’s a form of self-care that precedes the rush for caffeine, ensuring more energy throughout the day.


In the morning, successful women take time to review their goals and intentions. Grounding themselves and reminding what they’re pursuing is vital. Affirmations, goal notes on your mirror, or habit trackers can help with this. For career women, this is an opportunity to consider daily tasks and long-term career objectives.


Exercising in the morning is a common practice. Even a short walk or stretching can be impactful. Some women listen to a meditation or podcast during their routine for added benefits.

Fresh Air:

Getting outside for some fresh air, especially in non-winter months, can be rejuvenating. A few deep breaths of fresh air and a dose of vitamin D can significantly boost your mood and prepare you for a productive day.

Positive Energy:

Setting a positive tone for the day is essential. Choosing a morning playlist, journaling about dreams and aspirations, listening to inspirational podcasts, meditating, or simply being present in the moment can shape your attitude and mindset for a successful day.


Successful women make their beds, clean breakfast dishes, and maintain a skincare routine. Finding self-care practices that make you feel your best is key, whether it’s a face massage, dry brushing, or another personal ritual.


While incorporating all these practices daily would be ideal, it’s not always feasible. Successful women understand that some days they can do more, and other days less. They adapt to life’s changing demands while providing themselves with grace.


Crafting your morning routine should be enjoyable, not burdensome. You don’t need to do it all; find what works best for you. Light up your life with a morning routine that aligns with your needs and goals. Remember, it’s about making your journey as a successful woman enjoyable, not dreadful. So be kind to yourself and integrate positive elements into your mornings to become the successful woman you aspire to be.

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