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11 Halloween-Themed Makeup Items You Should Have in Your Arsenal

11 Halloween-Themed Makeup Items You Should Have in Your Arsenal

Halloween is the perfect time to unleash your creativity and embrace all things spooky. If you’re a Halloween enthusiast who loves to go all out with costumes and makeup, these beauty products are a must-have to take your Halloween look to the next level. While there are many autumn-themed makeup collections available, these products are tailored for those who want to dive into the Halloween spirit. If you’re ready to expand your beauty collection and embrace the eerie season, check out these products (only if you dare).

Rebirth & Afterlife Eyeshadow Palette Bundle – Lurella

A 2-part coffin-shaped eyeshadow kit for $27.

Ghost in the Dark Soap – Lush

A glow-in-the-dark ghost-shaped soap for $8.95.

Trick or Treat Lip Scrub – Lush

A ghoulish green, edible lip scrub with a lime flavor for $12.95.

Hollowmas Body Butter – Witch Baby Soap

Described as “the embodiment of October” with a unique scent for $8.

Vampire Blood Foaming Hand Soap – Bath & Body Works

With scents of red berries, jasmine, and plum for $7.50.

Halloween Self Care Set – NCLA Beauty

Includes So Rich Black Velvet Cuticle Oil and a 3-piece Scary Berry bath bomb set for $21.

Friday The 13th Jason Mask Eyeshadow Palette – Hot Topic

A 12-color eyeshadow palette in the shape of Jason’s hockey mask for $16.90.

Everlasting Longwear Liquid Lipstick (Color: Witches) – KVD Beauty

A hyper-pigmented black liquid lipstick for $21.

Urban Myth Eyeshadow Palette – Black Moon Cosmetics

A 10-shade eyeshadow palette with jewel-tone colors for $38.

Trouble Brewing Super Shock Shadow Kit – Colourpop

Three shimmer shades inspired by Hocus Pocus for $20.

Cemetery Shrines Highlighter Palette – Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

A four-shade highlighter palette with spooky names for $35.

If you’re looking for a complete Halloween-themed makeup collection, consider Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, a brand known for its vegan, talc-free, cruelty-free products inspired by all things spooky.

As Halloween approaches, explore these beauty products and see if you can get them in time for the best holiday ever. You can even incorporate some of these into a killer costume. Happy haunting!

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