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20 Desk Essentials That Will Make You Look Forward to the Office This Fall

20 Desk Essentials That Will Make You Look Forward to the Office This

While some kids eagerly anticipated the last day of school and the liberating embrace of summer, I longed for a different day—the one when my mom would take me back to school shopping, allowing me to handpick new binders, notebooks, and pencils. Remarkably, not much has changed over the years, except now, I’m excited about taking my new planner and pens to work instead of school. As summer fades away, and we shift our focus from rooftop bars to our career aspirations, it’s time to restock our work essentials. Read on for a compilation of back-to-work desk must-haves that are as delightful as the school supplies you cherished as a child.


Planner: A planner is a game-changer that consolidates all your project deadlines, meetings, vacation days, and more into one organized place. While digital tools have their merits, there’s something special about the tactile experience of a paper planner.

– PAPIER Weekly Desk Planner

– THE EVERYGIRL X DAY DESIGNER 2023-24 Academic Planner


Notepads and Sticky Notes: Old-fashioned or not, notepads and sticky notes are indispensable for jotting down crucial information and to-do lists. Ensure you’re well-stocked for a season of note-taking.

– SUGAR PAPER The List Pad

– CLOTH & PAPER Transparent Stick Notes

– RUSSEL + HAZEL Spiral Memo Notebook


Pens & Pencils: If you’re particular about your writing tools, it’s time to replenish your stash for the office. Colleagues have a way of “borrowing” them during your absence.

– ANTHROPOLOGIE Workplace Pencils

– SUGAR PAPER Felt Pen Set

– BAN.DO Metallic Pen Set


Highlighters: Vibrant highlighters, though no longer reserved for late-night study sessions, are perfect for marking up documents or color-coding your planner.

– AMAZON Highlighter Pen

– ANTHROPOLOGIE Scented Pastel Highlighters

Desk Accessories

Coffee Warmer: If you’re in the habit of microwaving your coffee multiple times a day, a coffee warmer can keep your morning brew at the perfect temperature, saving you trips to the office breakroom.

– AMAZON Coffee Mug Warmer Plate

– EMBER Heated Coffee Mug


Seasonal Candles: While not strictly essential for your desk, a scented candle can elevate your workspace and infuse it with cozy vibes, making your 9-5 more enjoyable.

– SWEET WATER DECOR | ETSY Apple Cinnamon Candle

– CAPRI BLUE Pumpkin Clove Candle

– MAISON MARGIELA ‘REPLICA’ By The Fireplace Candle


A Cozy Blanket: Whether your office is too cold or you’re working from home, a snug throw blanket draped over your chair offers both comfort and style.

– TARGET Marled Knit Throw



Headphones: From enjoying your favorite tunes to blocking out background noise, headphones are essential for many work scenarios.

– APPLE AirPods Max

– TARGET Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

– APPLE AirPods


Office Supplies: While you may not be cutting and pasting like in school, having a complete office supplies set can be a lifesaver. Sets typically include a stapler, tape dispenser, and scissors.

– POTTERY BARN Gold Acrylic Desk Accessories


Desk Chair: The right chair can significantly impact your productivity. If you have the freedom to choose your office chair, ensure it’s comfortable and supportive for extended periods at your desk.

– BRANCH Ergonomic Chair

– AMAZON Cross Legged Office Chair

Storage and Organization

Desk Organizer: A clutter-free workspace leads to clearer thinking. A desk organizer helps ensure your space stays tidy.

– POTTERY BARN Acrylic File Organizer

– TARGET Desk Tool Holder

– APPOINTED Desktop Storage Box


Laptop Stand: To alleviate tech neck, a laptop stand can elevate your computer to eye level for a more ergonomic setup, often with additional storage shelves.

– THRESHOLD Acrylic Laptop Riser

– ETSY | COMPUSTANDS Laptop Riser Shelf

– AMAZON Monitor Stand Riser


Folders: Folders are indispensable for organizing your loose documents and papers, making them a practical choice for keeping your workspace tidy.

– AMAZON Clear Expanding Folders

– BURKE DECOR A4 Document Folder


Laptop Case: If you plan to take your work home, a laptop case or sleeve ensures your device’s safety. Choose a padded waterproof option for added protection.

– BEIS Laptop Pouch

– MARK & GRAHAM Vegan Leather Laptop Sleeve


Work Bag: Consider upgrading your work bag for a more sophisticated look. A classic tote or cross-body bag offers style and functionality.

– BÉIS The Large Work Tote

– TARGET Commuter Backpack


Lunchbox: An elegant lunchbox adds a touch of style to your daily routine and encourages you to bring lunch from home.

– DAGNE DOVER Axel Lunch Box

– CALPAK Insulated Lunch Bag

– MODERN PICNIC Large Luncher

Personal Care

Blue Light Glasses: If you’re constantly staring at a computer screen, blue light glasses can help reduce eye strain by blocking the blue light emitted by electronic devices.





Toiletries: To avoid unpleasant surprises, keep toiletries handy at your desk. A discreet makeup bag or pouch helps you stay organized.

– RISEWELL Travel Size Bundle

– PINCH PROVISIONS Work From Home Self-Care Kit

– OLIVE & JUNE Mani Prep Set


Water Bottle: Staying hydrated can be a challenge when work consumes your attention. A water bottle on your desk serves as a visual reminder to drink water.

– STANLEY The Quencher 2.0

– AMAZON Time Marker Water Bottle

– BKR Glass Water Bottle


Hair Clips: Essential for those who need their hair out of their face to focus, keeping a hair clip at your desk and in your work bag ensures you’re always prepared.

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