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20 Virtual Assistant Jobs You Can Work From Anywhere That Are Remote

20 Virtual Assistant Jobs You Can Work From Anywhere That Are Remote

The progression of technology has been remarkable. Consider the multitude of tasks we now perform daily that were unthinkable just a few years ago. An excellent example is remote work and collaboration with professionals across the globe. As a result of the growing trend toward remote work, there are currently an estimated 40+ million virtual assistants worldwide.

A virtual assistant is a contracted professional who provides remote support to businesses and individuals. In the past, such roles were typically associated with on-site positions like receptionists and administrative staff. However, technological advancements have diversified the field, creating opportunities for various skill sets. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 20 remote virtual assistant roles for you to explore, each offering the convenience of working from home.

20 Remote Virtual Assistant Jobs

Data Entry Clerk

Responsibilities: Maintain accurate company databases, input data, perform system backups.

Qualifications: Typically requires a high school education; certification or a degree in business may boost earning potential.

Earnings: Around $14 per hour.

Virtual Personal Assistant

Responsibilities: Manage schedules, appointments, handle correspondence, and support clients remotely.

Qualifications: Skills in time management, organization, communication, and trustworthiness.

Earnings: Up to $34 per hour based on qualifications and experience.

Social Media Assistant

Responsibilities: Manage social media accounts, schedule content, increase engagement, and stay updated on trends.

Qualifications: Degree in communications, marketing, or graphic design; strong writing, design, and research skills.

Earnings: Average salary of $44,134.

Technical Support Specialist

Responsibilities: Assist customers with technical issues through online chat or phone.

Qualifications: A degree in computer science or IT, exceptional computer and customer service skills.

Earnings: Average of $55,247, potentially up to $80k with relevant qualifications.

Assistant Web Designer

Responsibilities: Contribute to web design projects, proficient in various languages and design software.

Qualifications: Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Adobe Photoshop, and related qualifications.

Earnings: Ranging from $38k to $84k annually.


Responsibilities: Create and manage schedules for companies, coordinate meetings and events.

Qualifications: Excellent time management and organizational skills.

Earnings: Typically around $18 per hour.

Research Assistant

Responsibilities: Collect, analyze, and summarize data, prepare reports, and conduct surveys.

Qualifications: Strong research and analytical skills.

Earnings: Approximately $34 per hour, with a relevant degree as an advantage.

Editorial Assistant

Responsibilities: Assist with editorial duties, such as content creation and editing.

Qualifications: A position suitable for students pursuing degrees in communications, journalism, or English.

Earnings: Vary, with average salaries ranging from $27k to $69k.

Virtual Customer Service Representative

Responsibilities: Address customer inquiries, orders, and billing services via various communication channels.

Qualifications: Basic computer skills, a positive attitude, and relevant experience.

Earnings: Typically around $21 per hour.

Virtual Financial Assistant

Responsibilities: Offer bookkeeping services, manage finances, track income, and expenses.

Qualifications: Mathematical and computer skills, independence, and teamwork abilities.

Earnings: Average of $41,589 per year.


Responsibilities: Craft persuasive content for various purposes.

Qualifications: Relevant degree, understanding of SEO, and strong writing and communication skills.

Earnings: An average of $58,323 per year.

Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Responsibilities: Support real estate professionals in various tasks, including property management and communication.

Qualifications: Strong organization, communication skills, and familiarity with the real estate industry.

Earnings: Approximately $70,393 annually, with potential to reach $171,000.

Human Resources Virtual Assistant

Responsibilities: Handle HR-related tasks, answer calls and emails, and perform administrative duties.

Qualifications: An HR degree or equivalent experience in data entry and admin tasks.

Earnings: Around $21 per hour.

Virtual Receptionist

Responsibilities: Interact with customers, answer calls, schedule appointments, and resolve minor issues.

Qualifications: Customer service experience, multitasking, and time management skills.

Earnings: Approximately $18 per hour.

Virtual Operations Assistant

Responsibilities: Assist in improving a company’s productivity, gather information, and update paperwork.

Qualifications: Interpersonal, administrative, organizational, and communication skills.

Earnings: Around $30,637 annually.

Remote Executive Assistant

Responsibilities: Provide high-level support to executives, maintain schedules, and assist with administrative tasks.

Qualifications: Clerical experience, strong attention to detail, and multitasking abilities.

Earnings: Average annual salary of $64,210.

Talent Acquisition Assistant

Responsibilities: Assist in the recruitment process by tracking applications, conducting interviews, and more.

Qualifications: Office administration experience or a relevant degree.

Earnings: Typically ranging from $40,109 to $60,133 annually.

Virtual Event Planner

Responsibilities: Plan events remotely, coordinate with clients, vendors, and handle event logistics.

Qualifications: Networking, negotiation skills, and relevant degrees in business, marketing, or hospitality management.

Earnings: Averages $29 per hour.

Online Proofreader

Responsibilities: Review text for grammatical, typographical, and formatting errors before publication.

Qualifications: Strong language skills, editing experience, and a portfolio showcasing proofreading abilities.

Earnings: Variable, usually starting at around $20 per billing hour.

Content Writer

Responsibilities: Create written content for various purposes.

Qualifications: Skills in writing, research, and understanding of SEO best practices.

Earnings: Vary depending on skills and positions, typically ranging from $10 to $49 an hour.

These remote virtual assistant roles offer a range of opportunities to work from home, catering to diverse skill sets and preferences. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of remote work in these dynamic positions.

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