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7 Beauty Trends That Are Always in Style


Fashion trends may come and go, but there are timeless classic beauty trends that have stood the test of time. While some styles and trends may be best left in the past, today we’ll focus on what truly works and can make you shine in any situation.

The Natural Look:

In the world of beauty, less is often more. Minimalistic makeup, such as simple lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow, can work wonders in enhancing your natural features. Opt for a nude lipstick for an elegant and understated beauty. A touch of natural glow can also be achieved with remedies like CBD tinctures from Tranquil.

Nail Polish:

Nail paint is your best friend when it comes to completing your look. Nail art has evolved significantly, and gel nail polish kits are highly recommended. Gel nail polishes offer durability and prevent chipping, ensuring your nails look stunning and well-groomed.

Smokey Eye:

The classic smokey eye look has transcended generations and remains a timeless choice for sophistication and glamour. With simple eyeshadow and eyeliner, you can achieve an intense and captivating look that outshines glitter makeup.

Winged Eyeliner:

The cat-eye or winged eyeliner is another enduring trend, as endorsed by icons like Audrey Hepburn. Using hacks like scotch tape as a stencil, you can create a perfect cat-eye look that speaks volumes.

The Little Black Dress (LBD):

The Little Black Dress, popularized by Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” is a true classic. Paired with timeless beauty trends like the smokey eye and neutral lipstick, it makes any woman look gorgeous and elegant.

Black Pumps:

Black pumps may seem basic, but they are incredibly versatile and can elevate any outfit. Whether you prefer classic black suede, platform pumps, or pointed heels, they pair seamlessly with various outfits, from skirts to cocktail dresses.

Eternal Jeans:

Well-fitting jeans, available in various styles such as casual, slim fit, regular, high waist, dark wash, cut-off, or ripped, are a must-have for everyone. Denim is age-defying, everlasting, and effortlessly chic.

While these beauty trends can enhance your appearance, it’s equally important to avoid certain dated trends like drawn-on brows, frosted lipstick, head-to-toe denim, fake tan, and the mullet. Remember, true beauty comes from within, and confidence is the best outfit you can wear. A genuine smile is the most captivating makeup you can adorn to conquer even the toughest days. So, pamper yourself, take some “me-time” with a relaxing bath using bath salts, and get ready to conquer the world with your perfect makeover.

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