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A STREETWEAR AND HIGH FASHION SHOPPING PLATFORM Called MEET PRM, which was born from the acquisition of Sneakerstudio and PRM brands by, is a premium streetwear and high-fashion shopping platform that connects the street fashion world with top-notch designers from around the globe. PRM focuses on individuals who are willing to combine streetwear labels and modern brands. It caters to those seeking a distinctive style and those who want to make a bold fashion statement. encourages eclecticism in fashion and apparel, emphasizing the importance of wearing what you adore and feel comfortable in. It allows people to play with fashion trends while balancing minimalism and glamor.

Sneakerstudio, which was a well-established sneaker brand among the youth, has become a part of This transition marks a fresh chapter in the history of premium street fashion., since June 1, 2023, provides a comprehensive collection of contemporary fashion and streetwear items, with a primary focus on meeting the fashion needs of Generation Z. combines the expertise of various teams to create a destination for modern and luxury street fashion lovers. It aims to address the needs and requirements of urban communities by offering a wide range of the best sneakers and apparel brands.

Some of the popular brands that has attracted include Y-3, Marni, APC, Rick Owens, MISBHV, and A-Cold-Wall. While conducts most of its sales online through a global platform, it also has a brick-and-mortar boutique in Warsaw., a Polish international company with a strong financial standing, acquired PRM. Also, Sneakerstudio along with their brand sales, marketing, and contract departments. By combining the strengths of the involved parties, utilizing the latest technologies, and leveraging operational professionalism, aims to realize the great potential in the fashion industry and continue offering a unique and compelling fashion experience.

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