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According to Hilaria Baldwin, She and Alec Will Have to Wait and See Whether They Decide to Have More Children

According to Hilaria Baldwin, She and Alec Will Have to Wait and See Whether They Decide to Have More Children

Despite already having seven young children, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are not closing the door to the possibility of adding more members to their family.

In an interview with Us Weekly published on Monday, Hilaria Baldwin said, “Seven kids in, I feel like I am.” However, she emphasized that it’s just her and Alec, so only time will tell. The 38-year-old yoga instructor from Boston and her 64-year-old actor husband recently welcomed their newest family member, a girl named Ilaria Catalina Irena.

Ilaria joins her older siblings Carmen, 9; Rafael, 7; Leonardo, 6; Romeo, 4; Eduardo, 2; and Lucia, 20 months. Alec also has a 27-year-old daughter, Ireland, from a previous relationship with Kim Basinger.

Hilaria confessed, “I have to confess that once I reached three kids, I just welcomed the craziness.” Their household is described as crazy and entertaining, with something always happening.

Despite her joy at welcoming Ilaria on September 22, Hilaria shared that she has dealt with significant mom guilt, a feeling that still creeps in at times. She explained that many parents, regardless of the number of children, often feel like they are never doing enough. Hilaria is trying to practice self-compassion and remind herself that she’s doing her best.

She also noted that her most significant challenge currently is being fully present for each of her children. Hilaria hosts the Mom Brain podcast.

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