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Top sportswear companies like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Puma are taking significant steps to embrace ethical and environmentally friendly practices. Here’s an overview of their sustainability initiatives:


Establishing a global sustainability team and partnering with organizations like the UN Climate Change and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Incorporating recycled materials and implementing sustainability programs.

Setting ambitious targets for renewable energy and waste reduction in manufacturing.

Despite these efforts, Nike still faces criticisms related to labor conditions and the use of hazardous chemicals in apparel.


Partnering with Parley on ocean plastic campaigns and developing strategies to combat marine pollution.

Focusing on sustainable materials, including upcycled ocean plastic and sustainable cotton.

Aiming for sustainable manufacturing, with goals for waste reduction and clean energy.

While they have made progress, Adidas continues to face challenges such as the use of unsustainable polyester materials and fast fashion production.


Aligning with Adidas on sustainability practices, including membership in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

Exploring sustainable materials and aiming for emission reductions.

Reebok faces criticism for not setting supply chain-specific emission targets and lacking information on leather sources.


Implementing science-based targets and environmental metrics, guided by the UN Global Compact.

Actively engaging in sustainable material sourcing, including participation in initiatives like the Better Cotton Initiative.

Working to reduce environmental impact in manufacturing, including phasing out hazardous substances.

Puma faces some criticisms, such as producing fast fashion with large volumes of stock.

These sportswear companies are making significant strides toward sustainability, and while they face challenges and criticisms, their commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly practices is driving positive change in the industry. To make eco-friendly sportswear more accessible, you can explore savings through online coupons and deals from platforms like Almond Coupons and Coupons. This allows consumers to support sustainability while saving on their purchases.

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