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Comparisons Between Zac Efron and Lord Farquaad from the Shrek Franchise Have Been Made on Twitter

Comparisons Between Zac Efron and Lord Farquaad from the Shrek Franchise Have Been Made on Twitter

After a set photo of Zac Efron in his role as Kevin Von Erich in the upcoming film “The Iron Claw” made its way to the public eye, fans took to social media to express their thoughts.

The images showed Efron sporting a brown wig with short bangs and wavy hair cascading over his ears. He was also dressed in a tight gray cut-off crew neck tank and ripped denim shorts, but it was the brown wig that caught everyone’s attention.

Fans on Twitter couldn’t resist drawing humorous comparisons between Efron’s new look and the character Lord Farquaad from Shrek, who is known for his short black hair with bangs and diminutive stature. One fan humorously suggested that Efron now looked like “Lord Farquaad hitting the weight room,” alluding to the actor’s muscular transformation for the wrestling role.

Some users got creative, playfully speculating about a 21st-century version of Lord Farquaad or joking that Lord Farquaad had been keeping up with his workouts. One tweet even suggested that Zac Efron wouldn’t be playing the role of Lord Farquaad’s lost brother.

Amidst the humor, one observer noted that the character “actually looks like Lord Farquaad on steroids.” Surprisingly, Efron didn’t seem too bothered by the comparisons and didn’t comment on the social media buzz.

In a previous development from September last year, the actor had addressed a rumor about his jaw, which had been circulating at the time.

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