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Emily Ratajkowski Has No Faith In Straight People When It Comes To Sexual Orientation

Emily Ratajkowski Has No Faith In Straight People When It Comes To Sexual Orientation

The model, who seemed to openly identify as bisexual at the start of October, shared in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that she holds the belief that sexual fluidity is a possibility for everyone.

In a cover story for the November 2022 issue, the 31-year-old actress and model, Emily Ratajkowski, discussed her perspective on sexuality, suggesting it exists on a sliding scale. She candidly expressed, “But, honestly, I don’t put much stock in straight individuals.”

On the video-sharing platform TikTok, Ratajkowski responded to a question from another user, which inquired, “If you identify as bisexual, do you own a green velvet couch?” Her response was a video posted on TikTok a month ago, where she simply turned the camera on herself while seated on a spacious green velvet couch that adorned her living room.

As she told Harper’s Bazaar, a friend later asked her about the “green couch thing” during a visit, finding humor in the oversized green couch in her living space.

Ratajkowski expressed her desire to have the freedom to experiment with how she presents herself to the world without being concerned about whether she’s seen as a positive or negative role model for other women. She firmly stated that if she isn’t welcome, she has no interest in joining any such group. She asserted, “It’s all good!”

In September, Ratajkowski initiated divorce proceedings against her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, with whom she shares a one-year-old son named Sylvester.

Although she has since moved on romantically and is no longer involved with DJ Orazio Rispo, with whom she was seen publicly sharing affection in New York City about a month ago, Ratajkowski did express resentment toward Bear-McClard, alleging that he was unfaithful by having an affair with someone else.

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