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Every Successful Woman Has These 7 Items at Her Desk

Every Successful Woman Has These 7 Items at Her Desk

The desk essentials a woman keeps within arm’s reach during her workday can provide insight into her personality. If you were to glance at the organized chaos on my desk, you’d spot a trio of lip balms to combat the eternal scourge of chapped lips, a squadron of four Pilot G2 10 pens because I refuse to write with anything else, and a petite diffuser. My vanity craves the radiant glow it imparts during Zoom meetings.

While every woman has her unique desk quirks, certain staples are endorsed by successful women, and we’re not guarding these secrets. After polling our team, here’s the consensus: seven items that adorn the desks of accomplished women:

CBD for Enhanced Mood and Focus:

A common denominator among our team’s desks is some form of CBD. Regular CBD use can help balance the endocannabinoid system, which regulates various bodily functions, including memory, mood, immune response, and more. Establishing a CBD routine can reduce stress, boost mood, enhance energy levels, promote better sleep, and relieve discomfort.

A Notebook for Idea Capture and Organization:

A trusty notebook is essential for both dreamers and doers. Whether you’re a list-maker, need to declutter your mind, or want to jot down your next big idea, a notebook is a crucial tool for bringing your thoughts and ideas to life.

An “Emotional Support” Water Bottle:

An emotional support water bottle offers comfort and practicality. Sipping from a charming bottle, especially one with a straw and long-lasting cooling properties, makes hydration ten times more enjoyable.

Blue Light-Blocking Glasses to Reduce Eye Strain:

For those who spend extended hours in front of a computer, blue light-blocking glasses are indispensable. These glasses promote better sleep, diminish eye strain, and reduce headaches, essential for anyone working on screens.

A Daily Meditation or Affirmation Book:

A morning ritual can set the tone for the day. Many team members opt for a brief morning meditation or mantra. Tools like daily meditation books with prompts help establish a positive mindset for busy days.

Desk Lipgloss or Lipstick for Confidence:

A desk lipgloss or lipstick is the secret weapon endorsed by our beauty editor. It’s the perfect quick confidence booster for Zoom meetings, instantly elevating your appearance even if you’re wearing pajama bottoms and haven’t washed your hair.

A Reminder of Your “Why”:

Even successful women encounter moments of doubt. A physical symbol or cue serves as a reminder of why you embarked on your journey and can reignite your passion during challenging times. It might be a postcard, a photograph of someone who inspires you, or even the first dollar you ever earned.

In summary, the contents of a woman’s desk reveal her personality, and while individual quirks vary, the items listed above are the desk essentials embraced by many successful women.

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