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Here’s Why I Have a Problem With “Lazy Girl Jobs”

Here's Why I Have a Problem With Lazy Girl Jobs

Considering the substantial time I invest on TikTok, one might assume that I’m perpetually attuned to the latest trends. However, with trends like the cottage cheese craze, the Daily DOSE Challenge, the three-word method, and the multitude of viral phenomena that emerge each day, I often find myself ignoring the majority until I ascertain which ones endure beyond a mere week. I won’t deny that some do pique my interest (a nod to the “quiet life”), but for the most part, many of these trends tend to get blown out of proportion and frequently misunderstood, especially the recent surge of enthusiasm surrounding “Lazy Girl Jobs.”

If the notion of a “lazy girl job” hasn’t yet graced your TikTok For You Page and left you somewhat perplexed, let me elucidate it for you. Gabrielle Judge, who coined the term, describes a “lazy girl job” as a role that’s secure, equitable, undemanding, and exceptionally flexible. These jobs, typically remote, purportedly enable you to genuinely practice work-life balance and alleviate the strain of living paycheck to paycheck, according to Gabrielle. Comment sections across the platform are teeming with users inquiring, “How can I find a job like this?,” “Where do you discover and apply for them?,” and comments like “This is my dream job!”

Here’s the crux of the matter: While I comprehend the sentiment behind striving for jobs that provide these “luxuries,” I believe the entire concept is somewhat misleading. Work-life balance and fair compensation should not be regarded as luxuries. Each of us deserves positions that grant access to these benefits, flexibility, and salaries that empower us to lead fulfilling lives, and the pursuit of such roles does not equate to laziness. Bonnie Dilber, a tech recruiter, voiced her perspective on this concept through a TikTok video and wisely pointed out that “no one in a ‘lazy girl job’ is actually lazy because the companies valuing their employees uphold rigorous hiring standards, so there’s no slacking off happening.” To that, I wholeheartedly concur, Bonnie.

Furthermore, it’s important to acknowledge that working diligently doesn’t always lead to burnout. If your current job leaves you feeling drained, overburdened, discontent, uninspired, and unmotivated, it’s reasonable to seek a new opportunity. However, the solution isn’t necessarily to seek a role that is so “easy” that it’s categorized as truly “lazy.” It is possible to adore your job, excel in your position, contribute to your company’s success, achieve your career aspirations, and still leave work at a reasonable hour. It’s not an either-or scenario; it’s not a choice between burnout and idleness.

Therefore, while I recognize the origins of this concept, I encourage those in search of new employment not to succumb to the allure of “lazy girl jobs.” Instead, contemplate your passions and long-term career aspirations. Look for a position that genuinely excites you and comes with the benefits, flexibility, and salary that allow you to lead the life you rightfully deserve.

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