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Here’s Why Now Is the Best Time to Find a New Job

Here's Why Now Is the Best Time to Find a New Job

If you’ve come across #careertok or logged into LinkedIn recently, you’ve probably encountered the buzz about the September Surge. For those unfamiliar with the term, it might sound like an uptick in inflation or a surge in back-to-school activities. However, the reality, as I discovered, is quite different.

As a writer in the fields of career and finance, I wasn’t initially familiar with this phrase. So, I took it upon myself to learn about the ins and outs of the September Surge. After thorough research and consultation with career experts, I’m here to provide you with a concise summary of the September Surge and its implications for your career.

What is the September Surge?

Lauren McGoodwin, the founder of Career Contessa and author of “Power Moves,” defines the September Surge as a period when job postings and hiring activity increase. This surge typically starts after Labor Day and continues until Halloween. While there isn’t concrete data to back this, the anecdotal evidence is abundant on platforms like LinkedIn. It appears that this year, the September Surge is a hot topic, with discussions on how job seekers can take advantage of it to secure new roles before the year’s end.

What Drives the September Surge?

While McGoodwin pointed out the lack of hard evidence supporting the September Surge, Indeed reports that most hiring occurs in January and February. So, what triggers this later-year surge when it’s not a typical peak hiring season? Several factors could contribute to it:

End of Summer: With summer coming to an end, people refocus on work, free from the distractions of vacations and childcare. This period offers a higher return on job search efforts.

Budget Utilization: Companies with fiscal year-ends approaching are keen to allocate remaining budgets to hire valuable employees.

Seasonal Demand: Industries with seasonal work surges, such as retail, seek to recruit employees to handle the busy upcoming holiday season.

Pre-Holiday Hiring: For companies that anticipate a slowdown in the latter half of the year, September and October are the last chance to fill open positions before the holiday season’s reduced business activity.

Implications for Job Seekers:

In simple terms, the September Surge presents the best opportunity to secure a new job before the year ends. If you’re actively seeking employment or contemplating exploring the job market, now is the time. Missing this wave of hiring in September and October might mean waiting until January or February for a new job. It’s time to shift out of your summer autopilot and get active. Update your resume, engage on LinkedIn, attend networking events, and set up informational interviews.

Five Ways to Prepare for the September Surge:

If you’re convinced it’s time to enter the job market, here are five steps you can take to seize the September Surge fully:

Update Your Resume and Cover Letter: Revise your resume and create a template that you can customize for each application.

Refresh Your Digital Presence: Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and showcases your marketable skills. Review and enhance your online presence.

Network Actively: Networking remains essential; it doesn’t have to be just in-person events. Connect with professionals on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, or schedule virtual coffee chats.

Create a Target List: Identify companies of interest and check their career pages for job openings. Leverage your connections or reach out to recruiters.

Follow Up: Recognize that the surge means many people are busy. Don’t hesitate to follow up on networking requests or job applications. It shows your dedication.

In conclusion, the September Surge offers an excellent window of opportunity for job seekers. By taking proactive steps and leveraging this surge, you can enhance your chances of securing a new position before the year ends.

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