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How I Create the Feel of My Decor in My WFH Space

How I Create the Feel of My Decor in My WFH Space

I transitioned to full-time remote work in 2018, and it’s a move I haven’t regretted. In my view, the primary drawback of remote work is the impact it can have on your home’s decor. This inspired me to create a home office that seamlessly combines comfort and functionality with my personal style.

Here’s how I merged my workspace with my home decor, ensuring it aligns with my aesthetic while serving as a practical work environment.

Opt for Stylish Furniture

The foundation of a chic home office lies in the choice of furniture. I needed a new desk around the same time my husband switched to an in-office job. This presented an opportunity for me to donate my old, nondescript office supply desk and acquire his classic wood executive desk. This substantial piece of genuine furniture effortlessly complements our living room and appears purposeful, in stark contrast to the laminate or metal office desks.

I decided against a typical rolling office chair and, instead, opted for a white slipcovered chair from Crate&Barrel. Testing several expensive desk chairs left me unsatisfied, both in terms of comfort and aesthetics. Surprisingly, I found that a more stylish dining chair was not only comfortable but also budget-friendly. It blends seamlessly with my living room decor and even serves as extra seating when we have guests over.

Add Personal Touches

To create a workspace that seamlessly integrates with your living space, consider adding personal touches to your desk. Start with decorative candles that not only look good but also smell fantastic. In spring and summer, I enjoy lighting a charming floral candle to infuse dreaminess into my workspace. For the colder months, I opt for rich, warm scents.

I also frequently adorn my workspace with affordable flowers from Trader Joe’s, filling a stylish vase from CB2. Working from home allows you to design an office space that brings you joy. You can add framed photos, hang artwork you love above your computer, or drape a cozy blanket over your chair.

Illuminate Stylishly

While the idea of working by candlelight is appealing, I require a more substantial light source during the workday. Rather than investing in a desk lamp, I chose two smaller decorative lamps from Target to flank my computer. These lamps cast soft, ambient light into the room, whether I’m at my desk or not. My next upgrade plan involves adding a picture light over the artwork I display above my desk, offering an additional lighting option.

Choose Stylish Work Accessories

Working from home often involves a paperless workday. Keeping things digital is an excellent strategy to avoid bringing office clutter into your home. However, there’s an exception for aesthetically pleasing paper goods. I use a gorgeous planner from STIL because I believe that office supplies should not only be functional but also visually appealing. This way, you can leave your supplies out without detracting from your workspace.

Other aesthetically pleasing items that brighten my workday include a soothing rollerball of essential oils from Juna, a luxurious Byroe lip mask, and a One Ocean Beauty Blue Light Protection + Hydration Elixir Spray for the days I spend hours at the computer.

Embrace Stylish Storage

To prevent essential work supplies from overtaking your home, embrace stylish storage solutions. Rather than shopping in the office supply aisle, look for home decor items that can meet your organizational needs. I’ve found an elegant leather box set from Leatherology to be a game-changer for concealing chargers, headphones, and tech gadgets. These multipurpose storage boxes can also be used in other areas of my home if I decide they no longer belong on my desk. For the items I frequently access during working hours, I use a marble tray as a landing zone. This keeps my desk tidy and organized even when it’s not entirely free of supplies.

Maintain a Clean Workspace

At the end of the workday, a quick desk clean-up makes a big difference. Discard old to-do lists, remove empty coffee cups, and refresh your home office. A clean workspace blends seamlessly into your home decor. Don’t forget to devise creative solutions to conceal cords, like a woven basket on the floor or cable clips, to maintain a tidy appearance.

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