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How to Complete Your To-Do List While Having a “Bare Minimum Monday

How to Complete Your To Do List While Having a Bare Minimum Monday

If you often find yourself drowning in never-ending to-do lists, you’re not alone. Society’s relentless demands on our time, energy, and mental resources often leave us feeling burnt out and anxious by the time Sunday arrives. Bare Minimum Monday, a trend popularized by TikToker Marisa Jo, offers an antidote to the Sunday scaries by celebrating doing the bare minimum of tasks and dedicating the rest of the day to self-care. While this concept can be beneficial in theory, it can also be a slippery slope. Here’s why:

Are there any benefits to Bare Minimum Monday?

Life can be challenging, and living in a world that glorifies non-stop hustle makes it even tougher. While we’d all love more time for leisure, it’s often not feasible. The world doesn’t pause just because we’re overwhelmed; we still have bills to pay, jobs to attend, and responsibilities to handle. Slacking off on a Monday isn’t always an option. However, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing your goals.

That said, constant grinding can lead to burnout. In contrast to hustle culture, Bare Minimum Monday promotes a healthier work-life balance. While most of us can’t afford to skip work on a Monday, we can adopt elements of Bare Minimum Monday to work smarter, not harder, and tackle our to-do lists while prioritizing our mental well-being.

Here are five ways to have a productive Bare Minimum Monday:

Plan ahead on Friday:

Before the weekend, take some time on Friday to plan for the upcoming week. Knowing what lies ahead can help you make life easier and more manageable. If you anticipate a particularly busy day, prepare meals in advance or consider takeout. Group errands together to maximize efficiency. The goal is to work smarter and reduce Sunday scaries.

Establish a solid morning and after-work routine:

Burnout often results from inadequate downtime. Disconnecting from work, both mentally and physically, is essential. Determine activities that help you unwind and incorporate them into your daily routine. Unplug from your phone during this time. Prioritize a healthy breakfast, a morning workout, and enjoyable evening activities to reset your energy levels.

Prioritize tasks by urgency and importance:

To manage a lengthy to-do list, prioritize tasks based on their urgency and importance. Categorize tasks as urgent and important, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, or neither. Focus on urgent and important tasks first, while delaying less crucial ones. This approach streamlines your to-do list, making it less overwhelming.

Try time-blocking your week:

Time-blocking involves scheduling specific time slots for different tasks, such as work, personal activities, and leisure. Group similar tasks together and focus on one task or group at a time. Schedule the most challenging tasks during your most productive times of day, based on your chronotype.

Don’t let Monday define your entire week:

Understand that some Mondays will be tougher than others. Flexibility and adaptability are crucial. A productive Bare Minimum Monday can set a positive tone, but it doesn’t need to dictate the entire week. Every week includes good and bad days, and a single off day doesn’t have to set the tone for the rest of the week.

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