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Introducing the ‘FIRST 1’ Space Age Active Shoe, a Game-Changing New Design from Fendi


The FIRST 1 sneaker takes a bold step into the future as a trailblazing star in the women’s Autumn/Winter 2023-24 collection, featuring a design that marries futuristic aesthetics with essential functionality. This sneaker is a testament to innovation, showcasing a distinctive three-dimensional sole that transforms the iconic architectural F of the FENDI First heel into a space-age active shoe. The unique construction of the heel forms an inverted F, creating a dynamic emblem that elegantly cradles the shoe’s upper. The suspension sole, featuring a strategically placed gap at the heel, creates the illusion of a floating rear, evoking a sense of swiftness and agility, perfectly capturing the FIRST 1’s essence of weightlessness.

The upper of the FIRST 1 sneaker exudes a contemporary and lightweight aura, characterized by delicate knitted fabric and intricately embossed technical details. Throughout the design, subtle FENDI logos and the iconic F are discreetly incorporated, with FENDI lettering subtly adorning the shoe tab, heel, and outer toe point. When it comes to color palettes, the FIRST 1 offers a range from timeless white to bold black, both accentuated with shimmering silver details and an understated ton sur ton inverted F. The FIRST 1 collection is further enriched with captivating options, including a sandy rose hue with silver and vibrant pink accents, and a sophisticated dust grey design adorned with contrasting silver and dove grey details.

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