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Kendall Jenner Dressed As A Cucumber For Halloween

Kendall Jenner Dressed As A Cucumber For Halloween

Kendall Jenner, who gained notoriety for her cucumber-cutting mishap several months ago, decided to playfully mock herself by donning a cucumber costume for Halloween. She was seen in a complete cucumber outfit, dark green leggings, and stiletto boots in an image she shared on her Instagram on Monday.

The 26-year-old model, known for her appearances on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” playfully captioned the photo, stating, “I’m handing out fruits and vegetables tonight,” as she held a knife as part of her ensemble.

In addition to her Instagram post, the model shared a video of her comedic attire on TikTok, set to a soundtrack referencing provocative outfits in the context of the film “Mean Girls.”

Fans appreciated Kendall Jenner’s sense of humor and her continuation of the amusing prank on various social media platforms, even though she had disabled comments on the video-sharing app where they were previously posted. One of her 262 million Instagram followers commented, “THIS IS TOO ICONIC.”

Another person humorously noted that there are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and Kendall giving birth on Halloween. Someone else inquired with a chuckle, “Did the chef cut that for you?” or have you mastered the art of cutting with that knife?

After a Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode revealed Kendall’s cucumber-cutting mishap, which led to criticism, her family claimed she was upset by the online backlash. However, she used social media to make light of the incident in the days that followed.

Meanwhile, it seems that Kendall Jenner has been practicing her culinary skills. She recently posted a picture on her Instagram account featuring fruit, a knife, and a cutting board, along with the comment, “here we go again.”

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