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Kit Connor Acknowledged as Bisexual Amid Pressure to Do So

Kit Connor Acknowledged as Bisexual Amid Pressure to Do So

Kit Connor felt compelled to publicly reveal his bisexuality after facing allegations of queerbating from Heartstopper fans. The actor, known for his work on Netflix, took to Twitter to address the rumors about his sexual orientation, which had circulated due to reports of him holding hands with his co-star, Maia Reficco, in the upcoming film “A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow.”

In a brief return to the platform, Connor clarified the situation with a tweet: “Back for just a second. I’m bi. Congrats on successfully coercing an 18-year-old to reveal himself to you. I believe that some of you have missed the show’s overall message. Goodbye.” Connor portrays a gay rugby player in the television series Heartstopper, making his coming out a significant moment.

One month earlier, Connor had deleted his Twitter account due to allegations of queerbating. Queerbating refers to the act of hinting at one’s sexuality but not confirming it to attract an LGBTQIA+ audience. He expressed his frustration with Twitter by posting, “This app is a complete waste of time,” followed by “Getting a little tired of Twitter; uninstalling the app.” Upon coming out, Connor received an outpouring of support from many who expressed their solidarity with him.

Alice Oseman, the author of the comic novel Heartstopper, expressed her support for Connor and criticized those who made assumptions about his sexual orientation based on the show. She tweeted, “I don’t understand how people can watch Heartstopper and then happily waste their time making assumptions about people’s sexual orientations and passing judgments based on those assumptions afterward. I really hope each and every one of those folks is as ashamed as possible. The kit you are fantastic.”

One of Connor’s fans sent their love and support, stating, “feeling for you, Kit, sending all the love I have your way.” Another person expressed their love and sympathy, saying, “I love you, Kit, and I’m sorry that this has been so dreadfully difficult for you.” They emphasized the injustice of the situation.

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