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Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey Discuss Their Breakup in This Video

Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey Discuss Their Breakup in This Video

The breakup between Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill, according to the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, was primarily due to the absence of a strong friendship.

Discussing the reasons behind her divorce from Hill, after just two years of marriage, Bailey appeared on the Two T’s in a Pod podcast, hosted by Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp.

During the podcast, Bailey candidly confessed that she felt their friendship was waning, and if they didn’t take action, it might have eventually reached a point where they couldn’t remain friends.

She emphasized the importance of friendship in a marriage. Bailey, aged 55, stressed that while it’s wonderful to have love, friendship is equally vital, as all she ever wanted was to spend time with her best friend.

Bailey also mentioned that she and Hill have no regrets about ending their marriage and that she continues to hold Hill in high regard, considering him her husband despite the ongoing divorce proceedings.

Before the official announcement of their separation, Bailey mentioned that she always wore her wedding ring but took it off afterward. She explained that they were experiencing some issues, which she described as strange.

Apart from the diminishing friendship, Bailey disclosed to Page Six that her relationship with the 52-year-old sportscaster unraveled when she moved to California to start a new life with him and found herself frequently traveling back to the East Coast.

She highlighted the significant changes in their lives as a couple and as a married couple. At the age of 55, she uprooted her life to embark on a new journey in a different city, with a new residence and a new career. The reality star shared that it was a considerable amount of pressure for her.

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