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Nail Colors for the Holidays: Twelve Days of Diva

Nail Colors for the Holidays Twelve Days of Diva

The holiday season is the perfect time to adorn your nails with festive colors, and this year’s Holiday Hues are all about adding some extra sparkle and cheer to your look. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends, coworkers, or fellow divas, these nail polish colors are sure to complement your festive spirit.

Partridge in a Pine Green Tree

Color: Pine Green

Two White Turtle Doves

Color: White

French Blue Grey Hens

Color: Blue Grey

Black Colly Birds

Color: Black

Metallic Gold Rings

Color: Metallic Gold

Geese A Laying on Their Beds With Champagne

Color: Champagne

Swans A Swimming In A Metallic Silver Lake

Color: Metallic Silver

Matte Finish Maids A Milking

Finish: Matte

Ladies Dancing In Glitter

Finish: Glitter

Lords A Leaping with Burgundy Red Toes

Color: Burgundy Red

Pipers Piping With An Icy Green Manicure

Color: Icy Green

Drummers Drumming with Dark Brown polish on the fingers

Color: Dark Brown

These festive nail colors will elevate your holiday style, whether you’re attending a glamorous party or enjoying an intimate dinner. So, swap your chocolate advent calendar for this colorful list, choose your favorite hues, and gather your diva friends for a fun pedicure party while you plan your New Year’s vision board.


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