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Seaweed Steward: Six Sea-Inspired Beauty Brands

Seaweed Steward Six Sea-Inspired Beauty Brands

Summer has arrived, ushering in a season of effortless and refreshing beauty. If you’re someone who daydreams about your next beach vacation and has a mermaid soul, check out these six beauty lines inspired by the ocean.

Osea Malibu:

Osea Malibu offers serums, algae oil, and atmospheric creme that keep your skin hydrated and radiant. This women-owned, eco-conscious brand is known for products like Undaria algae body oil and body balm, which are sure to captivate you.

Good Stuff Botanicals:

With a unique combination of sea algae and dragon fruit, their four-step skincare program includes exfoliation, a face mask, a mist, and an oil serum. Algae provides hydration and detoxification, while Dragon Fruit infuses vitamin C and antioxidants. The full kit is available for $96.00 USD.

Spa Technologies:

Crafting seaweed-based skincare since 1991, Spa Technologies offers best-selling daily moisturizers with SPF 25 and 45. They have a light texture and a delightful scent reminiscent of cotton candy. For exfoliation, don’t miss their revitalizing sea cleanse. The brand is committed to being clean, cruelty-free, and anti-aging.

Seaweed Bath Co:

Available at your local grocery store, Seaweed Bath Co offers a range of marine algae-based products, from shower gels to everyday soap, seaweed soaks, shampoos, and conditioners. Their face bars are perfect for sustainable summer travel.


Zelens bridges the gap between science and botanicals, resulting in precise, visionary beauty products. Explore their enriched vitamin-infused face serums and moisturizers infused with algae for a truly revitalizing experience.

Transformation Factory:

Sea moss is renowned for its myriad of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support healthier hair, skin, and overall wellness. This “magic in a jar” aids with inflammation, mucus membrane health, digestion, thyroid support, as well as mental and reproductive health. The Transformation Factory, a black-owned and operated business founded by entrepreneur Alexiou Gibson, offers this transformative product.

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