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Today, we’re embarking on a journey to explore the most remarkable and captivating Spring/Summer 2024 (SS24) collections by visionary Arab designers. These designers bring creativity, cultural influences, and unique perspectives to the forefront of the fashion world. Join us as we celebrate innovation, style, and substance while discovering the exceptional stories woven into each fabric, thread, and stitch of these upcoming collections. Get ready to be captivated by the fashion-forward creations and campaigns emerging from the heart of the Arab world.

Naja Saade: “Life in Colors” – Naja Saade’s SS24 collection embodies the spectrum of existence, from nature’s serenity to the vibrancy of bustling urban landscapes. It features 36 mesmerizing looks that showcase an opulent palette and a conscious avoidance of excessive complexity. Minimalist silhouettes let vibrant colors take center stage, making this collection a vivid tribute to life’s manifold facets.

Marzook: “Qalb'” – Marzook’s SS24 accessories collection combines precious metals, Swarovski sparkle, and plexiglas resins to create modern objets d’art. Eastern and Western inspirations meld to produce a kaleidoscope of designs that fuse the elegance of Art Deco with innovative ingenuity, resulting in unforgettable glamour.

Tony Ward: Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2024 – The Tony Ward woman exudes an unapologetic edge and embraces shimmer and sequined attire. The collection features bold strokes of bright colors, earthy nude tones, and pristine whites, creating a symphony of textures woven together in a sensual fusion. Couture essence converges with innovative techniques to clothe her in an Edenic embodiment of beauty.

Georges Hobeika: Baalbek Collaboration – This collaboration between Maison Georges Hobeika and the Ministry of Culture pays homage to the ancient city of Baalbek, a UNESCO-recognized architectural treasure. It seeks to unveil Lebanon’s rich heritage through a fresh lens, merging Roman architectural brilliance with local planning and layout traditions. This venture is a commitment to nurture the cultural landscape and heritage.

Elie Saab: Ready-to-Wear SS24 – The ELIE SAAB woman is radiant as the “Moonlight Shadow,” drawn to Mediterranean vibes and extravagant soirées. This collection features breezy textures, vibrant monochromatic ensembles, playful polka-dot interpretations, and dynamic lines. It injects bursts of flavor into cotton denim safari outfits and wide-legged pantsuits while engaging in delightful dialogues with delicate lace.

These collections showcase the diversity, creativity, and cultural richness of the Arab fashion world, offering a unique perspective and captivating stories told through every piece.

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