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The Creative Director Of Carolina Herrera Converses With Buro Ahead Of The Brand’s Dubai Fashion Week Showcase Today

The Creative Director Of Carolina Herrera Converses With Buro Ahead Of The Brand's Dubai Fashion Week Showcase Today

Herrera is akin to an exclamation point in the world of fashion – a place to make a statement rather than blend in. Over the past five years, I’ve poured my heart into crafting pieces that evoke emotions, and I’m thoroughly enjoying every moment of it.” – Wes Gordon.

As for what Carolina Herrera would choose from a store with designs by Wes Gordon, she has embraced my designs over time, and now actively seeks them out. We’re always curious about her shopping preferences and what captures her attention. It can be a unique experience to walk into a store with your name on it, yet the products are no longer your own work. It’s fascinating to see what resonates with her. For example, I designed costumes for the New York Ballet, and on the launch night, she chose to wear a stunning color-block dress I created.

How has the brand evolved with me?

In the United States, few enduring legacies remain, and Herrera is a global brand that has meticulously built its reputation over four decades. When I joined the band, my approach was not to start from scratch but to refine, adjust, and identify the elements I hold dear. It was about bringing Herrera into the contemporary and future realms while ensuring that women who have adorned Herrera for the past 40 years could continue to find pieces that resonate with them.

Stepping into this role as a 30-year-old man, I recognized the stark differences between myself and Mrs. Herrera. My initial vision for the brand was centered on injecting more vibrancy, more celebration. After all, this is a brand founded by one of the most glamorous women in history, with a life brimming with incredible stories. I believed that the enchantment of her legacy needed to permeate the brand, expressed through the infusion of colors, prints, and an infectious energy. This has been the overarching theme of my seasons with Herrera.

How does the unique cultural and fashion landscape of Dubai influence you?

Dubai is a city where women embrace dressing up as an art of self-expression, and it’s a place where courage and creativity flourish. In this vibrant atmosphere, we encourage you to seek the fabulous, be daring, and celebrate the unique. We envision women who are anything but ordinary, and that’s the kind of woman we design for.

How do you measure success, and how have you evolved with the brand?

I measure success not just by the number of celebrities wearing our designs but by the countless everyday women who choose our creations. While celebrities are undoubtedly enjoyable, the deep satisfaction comes from knowing that among numerous options, you have deliberately chosen our pieces. It signifies a profound connection to our customers and their true desires. This understanding drives me to create pieces that capture her heart and reflect her identity.

Herrera is a worldwide brand, encompassing a range of offerings from clothing to perfumes and accessories. While the brand’s historical image was characterized by a formal demeanor, we are now transitioning toward a more youthful and lively persona, which I’m excited about.

What advice would you give to emerging designers looking to make it in the fashion industry?

Success demands enduring determination, inner strength, and a unique point of distinction. Identify that singular thing that sets you apart from the crowd, and wholeheartedly focus on developing and nurturing it. Don’t feel the need to cover every category; instead, master your unique signature.

Redefine your perception of success and failure. There are no inherently negative experiences – challenges and hardships provide opportunities for reflection and growth. Every experience, even seemingly unfavorable ones, contributes to your journey of progress and forward momentum.

What’s your favorite part from your newly launched book ‘Color Mania’?

The pandemic initiated this project when traditional fashion shows became unfeasible, and we needed new avenues for storytelling. Together with photographer Elizaveta Porodina, we embarked on a project to document pieces from my work at Herrera, with a focus on the captivating allure of color. We celebrated the talents of five diverse dancers from different parts of the world, sending them dresses from our collection. Elizaveta ingeniously captured their grace and beauty through Zoom, creating a fascinating visual narrative.

What can you tell us about the presentation at Dubai Fashion Week?

We are thrilled to showcase almost our entire Spring runway collection from New York, along with a few playful additions. The models will be positioned on pedestals within a vibrant pink-themed room, creating a lively and whimsical atmosphere. Our goal is to immerse viewers in a visual spectacle of unique and captivating clothing. We hope that some of the pieces will elicit the desire in women to say, “I want that and that.” These unconventional and imaginative pieces, while strikingly beautiful, represent a total of 50 exquisite looks.

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