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The Unique RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. Collection Is Made for Fashionable Travelers

The Unique RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. Collection Is Made for Fashionable Travelers

Rimowa and Tiffany & Co. have come together for a collaborative collection that combines functionality with elegance. This unique partnership between the German luxury luggage manufacturer and the heritage American jeweler has resulted in a three-piece capsule collection that redefines travel accessories.

The RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. capsule collection includes a jewelry case, a ‘Rock Cut’ cabin suitcase, and a jewelry personal. These pieces blend the craftsmanship and brand identities of both companies.

The jewelry case in the collection features a silver exterior with Rimowa’s iconic ‘Rock Cut’ design, which resembles the appearance of diamonds. The ‘T’ motif, representing Tiffany & Co., is intricately woven into the pattern. The case is adorned with Tiffany Blue accents and offers a magnificent storage solution for jewelry. Inside, it reveals a mirror and three stacked layers, with the top two being removable.

The ‘Rock Cut’ cabin suitcase, designed to fit in overhead airplane compartments, shares a similar exterior design with the jewelry case. It features Tiffany Blue® interiors, handles, luggage tags, wheels, and straps. Leather details are washed in Tiffany’s symbolic shade and embossed with logos from both brands.

The jewelry personal, made of Rimowa’s signature polycarbonate, carries the distinctive Tiffany Blue shade both inside and out. It offers six non-removable jewelry compartments to keep precious belongings safe. The logos of both brands are elegantly placed between two Tiffany Blue® leather straps on the exterior.

The RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. capsule collection became available at select RIMOWA stores worldwide and online at starting from September 26, offering travelers a blend of style, craftsmanship, and functionality for their journeys.

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