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Five Emerging Trends in the Cosmetics Sector

Five Emerging Trends in the Cosmetics Sector

Makeup has a rich history, serving both aesthetic and protective purposes. In ancient times, makeup was used not only for beauty but also as a form of protection. For instance, ancient Egyptians believed that using kohl as eyeliner could shield them from the sun’s rays and the potential harm brought about by the Evil Eye. Modern makeup has evolved to enhance appearance, safeguard the skin from harmful UV rays, and even slow down the aging process. In contemporary makeup trends, several noteworthy shifts have emerged:

Focus on Skincare:

Today, individuals are more health-conscious than ever before. Alongside adopting healthy eating habits, staying hydrated, and regular exercise, skincare is a pivotal component of overall well-being. People have become more committed to caring for their skin, emphasizing its natural beauty and opting for minimalist makeup looks. Multi-step skincare routines, such as the Korean 10-step regimen, have gained popularity, promoting a healthy foundation for makeup application.

Use of Organic Ingredients:

There’s a growing demand for organic makeup, which is crafted without synthetic additives. A significant shift has occurred in how makeup is produced, as there’s a heightened emphasis on looking good while also protecting the environment. Many manufacturers are shifting towards non-synthetic materials and utilizing biodegradable packaging, thus prioritizing ethical and sustainable practices. The cruelty-free movement, focusing on products not tested on animals, is a prime example of this shift. Organic makeup is perceived to be rich in skin-nourishing nutrients, promoting health and wellness.

Semi-Permanent Makeup:

For individuals leading busy lives with limited time for daily makeup routines, semi-permanent makeup has become a game-changer. Techniques like microblading and microshading offer long-lasting solutions for perfect eyebrows, reducing the need for daily attention. Semi-permanent options extend to nails, where acrylics and gel polishes provide extended wear compared to regular nail polish. Furthermore, semi-permanent lip blushing, and the addition of false lashes, contribute to effortless morning routines, particularly convenient in a time when mask-wearing is common.

Rise in Self-Care and Personalized Packages:

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many to adopt do-it-yourself approaches for beauty and skincare. Personalized self-care packages and tailored product selections are on the rise. With more time spent online during lockdowns, makeup brands are also introducing products designed to protect the skin from blue light emitted by screens, which can contribute to skin sagging and dark spots. This reflects a move away from one-size-fits-all approaches to skincare and makeup.

Illusion Makeup:

Illusion makeup is a captivating trend that has gained popularity in recent times, particularly in the performing arts and during events like Halloween. Artists can craft visually baffling and intricate illusions, offering a stunning and often dizzying appearance. With illusion makeup, artists can create a range of fantastical looks, such as multiple pairs of eyes or skull-like transformations, showcasing their remarkable creativity.

These makeup trends have been shaped by a combination of current events, such as the pandemic, and an increasing desire to enhance personal well-being while also considering the environment. They reflect the evolving landscape of beauty and self-expression in the modern world.

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